December 17th, 2002


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my face feel so hot, when i scratch it I can feel my cells rupture. I can see the red mark that I left in my cheek. I can feel them break.

You know, sometimes I wish I could hate myself. It would be really easy to cut and this and that and assume blame and do all of those things that angsty teenagers who think they don't know anything, but really think they know everything, but in reality know some things they might wish they knew later when nothing ever happens to anything, do. I can't do that though. I know I know everything, and if you think I’m wrong, then I am. If you think I'm right, then you are wrong. I'm wrong, but I fucking know. I can't fool myself into thinking that love doesn't exist for some, and that these years are just a bunch of little experiences and gradual change that encompass us all. And now you know me or you don't.
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NicoleLB713: [i wish that] david [would] come and make me stop talking philosophy
NicoleLB713: at the tender age of 15
NicoleLB713: haha i crack myself up
NicoleLB713: my life is situational irony compacted into flashy, badly dubbed, 23 minute action-packed episodes
NicoleLB713: and here I am telling you who I am and who he is
Jenni the Odd: Our family could be a sitcom.
Jenni the Odd: You're a spinoff.