December 18th, 2002

day 1- over.

GT is the best. I did fine on the history final, A semester for me. Only four more to go, and I've been informed they're easy. Well, all except for English. Who knows of the hell in store for us this year? Oh well, I need to make a 70 on that final to make an A. Everything will be fine. I can't wait for Saturday. Or Friday. Or David-day, which will be everyday. EHEHHE. Nick's coming over soon, and that makes me happy. Queso makes me happy.

"Sister's coming over
I'm afraid to tell her secrets that I know
Painting without colors seems to make it better,
it bleaches out the world
Was it the end,
the end that kept you up till morning?
Was it the boy,
the boy who stole your heart?"
-All things Ordinary, The Anniversary