December 31st, 2002


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I had several dreams last night.
One involved an escape from a cult, which was like a huge fake world, kind of Truman Show-esque, but the way to get out was these huge oak doors that lead to the street that my church is off of. I don't really remember much before the escape, but I know that as soon as I burst open through the doors, there was a city and a forest right around me. I sort of remembered my way, and I ran to my grandparents old house, the parish, which is like 50 yards from my church. The actuall house looked evil, and I didn't want to get caught anyhow, so I ran into their backyard which was actually a huge forest. I kept recalling the chants of the cult, and I thought the trees where singing them to me. I died there, incrediley frightened.
In the next, I killed a baby somehow.
In the last dream, I was getting married. I was sitting in the pew of my church with my family (I'm really not sure why, maybe because jenni was also getting married on the same day.. yes, a joint marriage... it's weird.) when I said to my mother, "I'm only 15." She said, 'He's a good boy." Then the groom came in, looking just as young as I am, tall and hispanic. He said something unintelligent, and my mother kind of looked at me and gave me a nod. I ran out of the chapel and into the gym part of my church, where there were a few random people including my grandfather. I asked him where Gabe was, because I suspected he would ditch too. Then the dream ended.
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